Why Should You Service My Heat Pump?

A heat pump enables customers to use a single device for cooling and heating. In addition, a heat pump allows you to use less energy overall and reduce your electricity costs. You will need to do maintenance inspections twice a year if your home’s heat pump unit serves as the primary heating and cooling device.

Perform a heat pump service in Cumming with Immediate Services Air Conditioning & Heating in the spring and fall. This ensures your heat pump can operate effectively all year long.

Benefits Of Regular Heating Pump Maintenance

  • Increase Indoor Comfort
    Ensuring you check your HVAC filters frequently is essential for your heater to perform its task. Our heat pump repair in Cumming advise regularly inspecting your HVAC filters and changing them at least once every three months.

    The filters trap dirt and dust, ensuring that it doesn’t circulate throughout your home. This is how your heat pump can help keep indoor air fresh and healthy.

    A dirty filter can cause the heat pump’s work to be harder and more demanding, reducing its life span and costing you more energy as it’s working harder and longer than required.

  • Avoid Costly Repairs
    Heat pump repair in Cumming is costly and something that homeowners prefer to avoid. Professional maintenance can assist you in doing that. At the time of a maintenance appointment, our skilled technician will examine and clean each part of your system.

    A thorough maintenance inspection could also resolve minor problems in your system that may not be noticed. If left unnoticed, these problems could turn into more significant issues and, eventually, system malfunctions.

  • Improve The Life Of Your Heat Pump
    Regular maintenance on your heat pump will keep the compressor and other parts from damage, adding to the pump’s lifespan. Regular maintenance of your system’s components ensures the longevity of your system.

  • Improve Your System’s Efficiency
    The maintenance process will ensure that each component of your unit is in good condition, providing the most efficient cooling and heating system in your house. However, there are a few easy tasks that homeowners can do that will aid in improving the efficiency of your system.

    For instance, you could look at the condensate line and ensure it is dripping. If it’s not dripping while the AC is running, the AC may not be unable to function correctly. Skilled technicians would be required to unblock the line and ensure everything else is working.

    You can take care of maintenance and clean the unit independently between maintenance sessions. Checking this every few months is a good idea because loose garden debris and outdoor weeds can occasionally jam up the outdoor unit.

    Trim back any bushes that may encroach too closely. A smart approach to keep your interior unit clean is to vacuum the air vents once every few months. Your heat pump filters can be inspected and cleaned by you as well.

Bottom Line

Immediate Services Air Conditioning & Heating can assist you in your heat pump maintenance, repair, installation, and servicing. Our staff is professional and experienced in heat pumps, ACs, and furnaces. 
We take pride in reliable and outstanding customer service and expertise regarding HVAC appliances. Contact us at 678-525-8897 or mail us today to fix an appointment for a heat pump service in Cumming.

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