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Heating Repair in Dawsonville, Cumming, Dahlonega, GA, and Surrounding Areas

Heating Repair In Dawsonville, Cumming, Dahlonega, GA and Surrounding Areas | Immediate Services Air Conditioning and Heating


Everybody deserves a warm, comfortable and secure home. If your heating system breaks down or starts to malfunction, it’s necessary to get an HVAC company that you can rely on to get the heating repair done right. We will repair, replace or install your heating device in a fast and reliable fashion. We provide professional Heating Repair In Dawsonville, GA.

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We’re readily available to look at your heating requirements and needs and repair 24/7 Immediate Services Air Conditioning and Heating has contractors’ specialists with expertise on all versions of heating systems. Our N.A.T.E. Licensed technicians ‘ are tops in the business. We have fully stocked trucks discharged around north Georgia to get your system functioning fast. Helpful, friendly, and clean service pros. Whenever your heating system breaks down you will enjoy the friendly and helpful staff. Our uniformed, drug-free, history screened HVAC technicians are highly trained which will look after any circumstance. Clear, upfront pricing — no openings or gotchas (EVER!) Our repairs have been calculated on a per-job foundation, not by the hour. Every customer will understand the entire cost before we start.

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Heat Pump Installation

If you want to spend less on your home energy bills where you’re in the Atlanta region, our heat pump setup provides a superb alternative. A heat pump system may help decrease your energy costs by cutting back on the amount of work your heating and cooling systems will need to do to keep your house at a comfortable temperature. An electric heat pump admits any warmth which might be present in a trendy area and subsequently moves, or pumps, this warmth to a warmer place.

This usually means that a heat pump may produce a comfortable indoor temperature simply by transferring heat, instead of burning petrol or using power to make it. You can experience the advantages of a heat pump without breaking your budget by turning to Immediate Services Air Conditioning and Heating. We provide a vast choice of affordable heat pumps from leading manufacturers such as Carrier, in addition to professional heat pump setups from accredited installers. While using a heat pump can cut the job your AC device and house heater do, it is still important to be certain these machines are working properly for the best energy efficiency.

Heating Troubleshooting

Q. I Don’t Have Any HEAT

  • Recommended Action: Check gas valve in gas firm meter, assess shutoff valve in the furnace and assess for additional shutoff valves. Contact the gas company to get the gas valve switched on or contact Immediate Services Air Conditioning and Heating, your machine could be switched off or your device unplugged.
  • Recommended Action: Assess your heating and cooling unit to ensure that they’re both plugged. Your thermostat might be off or set incorrectly.
  • Recommended Action: make sure that your thermostat is on and set to warm. If the thermostat is on, reset the thermostat to the desired temperature. You might have a tripped circuit breaker.
  • Recommended Action: Assess your house circuit breaker box and then reset the circuit breaker.

Q. I don’t have any AIRFLOW

  • Recommended Action: You might have dirty filters. Assess the filters in all your system’s components. Clean or replace filters as recommended on your use and maintenance manual. Your machine might have suspended up because of a dirty coil.
  • Recommended Action: Assess for indications of water under the unit and the chilly surface of the indoor coil enclosure. Get in touch with your Ronald Smith Heating & Air support section. Meanwhile, consider turning off your thermostat for 1 to 3 hours to determine whether it is going to defrost.


In case your system is hitting its set point, is it working properly? Have the regional temperatures been intense recently?

  • Recommended Action: Assess the following: Why is your system biking consistently? Is your thermostat attaining its set worth? Have you got any new appliances (e.g., a spa or swimming heater) that use a great deal of power? Have you ever checked to see whether your regional utility company needed a current rate increase?

MY SYSTEM is continually RUNNING

  • Recommended Action: Your machine may be attempting to achieve a set point that’s too intense. Assess the set point in your thermostat. Can it be quite low (in summertime) or high (in winter)? First, reset your thermostat. If this does not function, please contact us as soon as you can.


  • Recommended Action: The overflow switch is most likely not functioning. Switch your system off and get your Ronald Smith Heating & Air support section.


  • Recommended Action: Check some of the troubleshooting problems for Assistance. If none of the troubleshooting replies address your issue, then switch your system off.

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Gas Furnaces

  • Carrier Infinity Collection Gas Furnaces: If you’d like the best in energy efficiency, quality, relaxation, and whisper-quiet performance from the gas furnace, then the Carrier Infinity Series is created for you. Designed employing the latest in heating technology, these furnaces provide you the maximum return on your investment with reduced energy bills and improved comfort.

Advantages of a Carrier Infinity Furnace:

  • As much as 98.5% effective: Control your Infinity furnace from anyplace with a Carrier Infinity Touch Control using Remote Access.

ENERGY STAR qualified

Durable and Dependable furnaces from a pioneer in the heating sector. Variable-speed blowers allow for increased efficiency and Improved relaxation. Integrates with Infinity Series thermostats, air conditioners, heat pumps, and air quality gear for Improved functionality.

Carrier Performance Series Gas Furnaces

For the ones that want to get quality, efficient, and reasonably priced gas grills, a Carrier Performance Series device might be an ideal option. Offered in a selection of sizes to match any size house, the Performance Series gas furnaces offer you efficient performance and the caliber that Carrier is well known for.

Advantages of a Carrier Performance Furnace:

As much as 96.7% effective, ENERGY STAR qualified versions accessible, Improved humidity control with SMART air technologies, Variable-speed blowers accessible, powerful, Dependable and efficient, the Outcome of Purchasing a More Affordable Heating Method:

Below are a few of the results of not purchasing the ideal system the first time.

High heating and cooling bills, shortened gear life, Frequent Injuries, Comfort issues, Unsafe operation, General frustration, and, total, inadequate return on investment.

Heat Pumps

The All-In-One Heating & Air Conditioning System

A heat pump is an air conditioner that also operates in reverse. To put it differently, it warms your house in the summer and heats your house in the winter. Want to understand what’s better? It is more energy-efficient compared to any other heating system out there. Energy.gov quotes a heat pump that can save you up to 30 percent to 40 percent on your heating costs.

Why would you need a heat pump?

Free cash that will assist you in covering the update — Neighborhood utility companies such as Georgia Power, Greystone Power, Cobb EMC, Marietta Power, and Carroll EMC are encouraging homeowners to update heating pumps by providing rebates and incentives!

  • Truckloads of electricity savings: When you’ve got an electrical, natural gas, or propane heater, a heat pump will almost always save you money in diminished utility bills.
  • No longer expensive propane fill-ups!: If your house is heated by propane, you understand the hassle and expense of having your septic tank filled up each winter. Heat pumps operate on electricity and remove this hassle.
  • Reputable, analyzed technology: Heat pumps utilize the identical technologies as air conditioners and have been in existence for ages. Plus, most heating pumps last longer than many furnaces.

Heating Repair In Dawsonville, Cumming, Dahlonega, GA and Surrounding Areas | Immediate Services Air Conditioning and Heating

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