Why is your Furnace Turning On But not Heating?

When winter arrives and the temperature drops, the last thing you want is a furnace that appears to be operating but isn’t pushing hot air through the vents. Fortunately, the cause may be simpler than you believe, and you may be able to resolve the issue on your own.

Reasons Why your Furnace is Not Heating

To determine why heat isn’t coming out of your vents, check the following:

  • Do you have Clogged Filters?

Clogged and dirty furnace filters are a common problem. Air filters catch dust, hair, and other particles. Heat and pressure might build up. Filters that are clogged also impede airflow. Adjusting the filters allows you to determine if the problem has been fixed.

  • Is “Heat” Selected on your Thermostat?

Start with the obvious when troubleshooting a furnace. Is it set to “heat” on your thermostat? If so, ensure your temperature is high enough to engage the furnace. Remember that your furnace must first heat up before turning on the blower. So, please be patient. Keep the thermostat user manual close to the thermostat. When a startup problem occurs, you can refer to its troubleshooting section.

  • Do your Thermostat’s Batteries need to be Replaced?

If batteries power your thermostat, the cells may be dead. On the control screen of many programmable thermostats, there is a blinking “low battery” indication. If you receive a “low battery” warning, change the batteries.

  • Is your Pilot Light Turned On?

The pilot light must be turned on for a gas furnace to work. Pilot ignition is a safety device that prevents gas from flowing through the burners until a flame is ready to light them. Lighting a pilot light might be risky. Before making any changes to your furnace or considering furnace installation in Dawsonville, it is advisable to consult our certified technician.

  • Are you Able to Turn on your Furnace?

Check to determine if your furnace power switch is off and your thermostat is functioning. Search for the switch that is fastened to the side of the furnace. Look to see if it has burned and turned black. Replace it if necessary, then turn the switch back on (or hire us for professional help).

  • Do you have an Emergency Stopper?

Examine your circuit breaker to see if it has tripped or if the switch is on, but your furnace is still not operating. There should be a “Furnace” or “HVAC” label next to the appropriate breaker in your breaker box. If not, locate and reset any tripped breakers.

You should be happy if your furnace is currently powered. Be careful, though, since a blown fuse or tripped breaker could be signs of a more serious electrical issue that needs to be fixed. To be safe, have our certified HVAC technician or electrician evaluate it.

  • Is your Front Panel Door Properly Secured?

Modern furnaces have safety controls on their front panels that prevent the furnace from engaging if it is not properly closed. Examine the security of your panel door.

Have you Consulted a Professional?

If you’ve tried everything and your furnace is still not working, contact Immediate Services Air Conditioning & Heating, a trusted furnace contractor in Dawsonville. Talk with our professional technician. They can look into particular issues with your furnace model and provide a prompt and effective solution. Get in touch today!

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