Where To Locate The Reset Button On Goodman Furnace?

Many modern-day furnaces monitor a huge range of elements. This is done both during and after the process of combustion. If the furnace is not in a position to start the ignition for heating, or if the system feels it is under threat or in an unsafe condition, it might automatically get into “lockout mode”. Contact HVAC service in Dawsonville for help if the need arises.

What is Furnace Lockout Mode?

A furnace ensures the heating system of the house by making use of sensors. These sensors will monitor the pressure on natural gas along with the igniter. Other furnaces will monitor the ventilation along with a blower and other similar elements.

When there is an unsafe condition in the furnace, it will enter the lockout mode for safety reasons. This is done after a few attempts of having the furnace run a few ignition cycles. Once the furnace enters a lockout mode, it will not function until it is manually reset.

Furnace Lockout Reset Process:

Although the process of lockout might vary from manufacturer to manufacturer, most of the furnaces have a simple reset process. The process consists of turning the power off of the furnace for thirty seconds.

Even a longer duration will be better. After the period, turn on the power back. The interruption in the power supply will help the furnace to clear the blockages. It will then let the furnace work in a normal manner.

This process is applied to most of the furnaces, but there still are varied processes for resetting based on the manufacturer. Certain brands have multiple lockout reset processes. There are furnaces whose reset can be done by minimizing the heat setting on the thermostat for twenty to thirty seconds.

There is also a certain furnace that is capable of resetting itself after a period of one or two hours. It is recommended to refer to the instruction manual of the manufacturer to understand the process better for a type of furnace.

Reset Goodman Furnace:

BUTTON POSITION: The reset button in the Goodman furnace is present in the burner assembly. A red button that is raised will be the rest button.

Steps To Reset

Here are the steps that have to be followed for resetting the Goodman furnace:

Step – 1
Turn over the circuit breaker switch. It will be corresponding to the “OFF” position of the Goodman furnace. This will stop the electrical supply of the unit.

Step – 2
Remove the furnace access panel and view the internal elements. Holding the sides of the panel lift it to clear the retaining tab of the furnace bottom. There might be a screw to be removed in the side panel on some models.

Step – 3
Find the rollout switch on the burner assembly. It would be red and placed in the center of the unit.

Step – 4
Press and hold the button. It will be in the rollout of the switch components. Try holding the button for a second or two before releasing. You might also contact the furnace contractor in Dawsonville if the issue persists.

For more information regarding the reset of the Goodman furnace, contact Immediate Services Air Conditioning and Heating at (678) 525-8897.

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