What Symptoms Indicate Poor Indoor Air Quality?

Is the air you breathe the quality you deserve? Do ask this question to yourself as indoor air quality has an unavoidable impact on health. The poor air quality leads to several diseases or bad health conditions that give you nothing but suffering.

Below are Some Common Symptoms of Poor Indoor Air Quality

  1. It is Impacting Your Health

    If you are suffering from itching, dizziness, cough, cold, fever, irritation in the eyes, rashes, the poor air quality is causing this all. Bad air affects both internal and external organs. If toxic air reaches your eyes, skin, and nostrils, these are the symptoms you will struggle with.

  2. Difficulty in Breathing

    The air surrounding us is helpful in blood circulation if it is free of all the toxic components. But if it is impure, then it will hamper your breathing process. You may struggle with breathing when the indoor air quality is poor.

  3. The Dirty Air is Visible

    You can see the dust particles in the air even if it is not very clear. When dirty air becomes visible, it is an indication of serious harm.

  4. Air Quality is Leading to Allergy

    It is difficult to find the exact reason for allergies, but usually, most people suffer from allergies due to toxic air and pollution. If you cannot cure your allergy even with the medicines, it means you are living in a sphere of harmful air.

  5. The Pukeworthy Smell

    Mostly, this problem occurs with inefficient air filters in the HVAC system. When the HVAC system is filled with dirt inside, it will release the smell that spoils your mood, and the after-effects you will experience are nausea and headache. In such a situation, choose a furnace or AC repair in Dawsonville, GA.

  6. The Humidity That Brings Discomfort

    The bad air quality always increases the level of humidity. The extreme humidity will severely and negatively affect your health. Get rid of such indoor air soon.

  7. It Worsens The Already Existing Health Condition

    If someone suffers from asthma or lung problems, the person will bear the worst consequence of poor indoor air quality. Their health will start deteriorating more and more. It can even be a warning of lung cancer.

The Sources of Poor Indoor Air Quality

  • The residence is in too crowded and a polluted area
  • Your HVAC system’s air filter is not good enough
  • Your house lacks cleanliness
  • Toxicity circulating due to the habit of smoking

The solutions to Improve The Indoor Air Quality

  • Keep your house clean always
  • If the surroundings of your residence are too polluted, do not keep windows open throughout the day
  • Consult an indoor air quality expert to enhance the air around you
  • Get an air purifier and humidifier installed at your home

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