What Should You Do With An Air Conditioner During Spring?

At the beginning of every heating and cooling season, it is a good idea to consider basic maintenance on your air conditioning and heating system. The extreme weather conditions this past winter have been especially tough on outdoor equipment.

In addition to the extended periods below freezing, these extreme temperatures can affect the start-up of your home’s air conditioning system. By checking a few things and making a few efforts, you can help ensure a smooth cooling season this summer.

Why Is It Necessary To Do A Spring Air Conditioning Tune-Up In Cumming?

  • It improves the air conditioner’s efficiency.
  • When your air conditioner is efficient, it uses less energy to keep you cool, reducing your carbon footprint.
  • Your home’s energy expenses will be cheaper due to lower energy use.
  • During the hottest portion of the summer, when your system is working the hardest, a tune-up can help prevent frequent and costly air conditioner problems.
  • The most important aspect in extending the life of your air conditioner and preventing the early failure of individual vital components is annual preventative maintenance.

Spring Checklist

You Should Remove The Condenser Covers, Coil Blankets, and Lids

The condenser coils might have been covered to protect them from winter’s cold, but you should remove those covers before starting the system.

In addition to protecting and insulating the coil, the covers also limit heat transfer. Every year, many people forget to remove their covers. That’s a recipe for disaster; look for a professional for AC repair in Dawsonville, GA.

Check The Pipe Insulation

You should check your lines and pipes when you remove any insulation or covers. In the outdoor unit, the suction line is that large copper pipe that helps return cool refrigerant to the compressor.

If the insulation on the system’s suction pipe is damaged, the outdoor unit may not be able to cool itself. It can damage your system and cause you to lose energy. Use the copper pipe size to determine how much insulation to use. You might be able to find the insulation at your local hardware store.

Remove Debris

Depending on where you live and what side of the house your coil is on, you might find trash or vegetation blown into or against it.

The system condenser coils transfer heat, so any debris accumulating on the coil reduces its efficiency. If you want your system to perform at its best, take the time to clean the coil and the surrounding area.

Change The Air Filters

If you have removed your outdoor condenser covers, checked your suction line and insulation, and cleaned debris from your condenser coils, it is time to inspect your indoor handler unit.

Your indoor air filters acquire much more dirt and dust during the hard winter months than usual. If you change the filter, your system will be ready for the cooling season.

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