What Are The Symptoms Of Dirty Or Blocked Condenser Coils?

Maintaining an air conditioner is important to ensure that the system runs smoothly and has a longer operating life. Even the well-maintained air conditioners will eventually show signs of components’ wear and tear or failure. However, before spending money on repairing or air conditioner replacement in Cumming, GA, try to diagnose the problem first.

The condenser is essential in the cooling process as it helps condense the refrigerant and remove heat from the air. The condenser coil is responsible for collecting dirt and dust when working and reduces the air conditioner’s ability to perform its function. When an air conditioner’s condenser coil is dirty, it can cause several issues.

Four Symptoms of a Dirty Condenser

The Home is Not Cool Enough

A dirty condenser coil in the air conditioner can reduce its ability to provide cool air. When the dirt accumulates in condenser coils, it creates a layer that is a barrier between the air released from the condenser and the heat contained in the refrigerant that passes through them.

The dirty layer makes it more problematic for the heat to transfer from the condenser coils to the outside air, causing a less effective cooling system. If you see a decrease in cooling power, your condenser coil may be dirty, and you will need to call a professional.

The Unit's Energy Efficiency Lowers

Another symptom of a dirty condenser is that your electricity bills will start going significantly higher than normal. A dirty condenser coil affects your air conditioner because it reduces the unit’s overall efficiency.

When the condenser coil is dirty and clogged, the system has to work harder to achieve the same cooling for the room. Less efficiency requires the system to work harder than usual, which requires more electricity, resulting in higher electrical bills. If your bills are higher than expected, it may be time to inspect your condenser.

AC System Needs Frequent and Expensive Repairs

A dirty condenser coil forces the conditioning system to work harder, which causes the system to degrade faster. If the issue of a dirty condenser coil is resolved immediately, it may not have a significant impact.

However, it adds more strain on the dirty condenser coils placed on your air conditioner, which increases the chances of system failure and expensive repairs. If the air conditioner requires frequent repairs, you should inspect the coils.

AC Leaks Regularly

Leaks from the condenser and their coils can be difficult to identify, creating problems with your entire system. The condenser coil is responsible for carrying the refrigerant and removing heat from the air.

The leak in the condenser can cause the refrigerant levels to drop, reducing the conditioning system’s ability to cool the air. If you notice your refrigerant levels are falling when they should not, there could be a leak that needs repairing.

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