Troubleshooting Your Air Conditioner – How To Reset It

In the middle of summer, the worst-case scenario would be for your air conditioner to wear down. It just seems to strike when you’re least prepared financially. However, before hiring an AC contractor in Cumming, there are a few things you may do to reset your air conditioner:

Troubleshooting With A Reset Button

When a device, such as a laptop, smartphone, or tablet malfunctions, one of the first things people do is a basic reset. Although it may not always succeed, it is often beneficial, and the step is easy enough for anybody to attempt. The same may be said with AC troubleshooting, although a reset for AC service in Cumming does need a few extra steps:

  • Remove the power cord of the AC from the socket as the first step in this AC debugging approach.
  • Insert the electrical plug back into the socket after about 20 seconds of being disconnected. After that, check around the frame of the air conditioning machine for the reset switch.

If you’re having trouble locating the button, consult the instruction handbook for the air conditioner given by your AC contractor in Cumming or conduct a fast web search for answers on your model. Certain air conditioner systems may include a small reset switch to prevent it from being unintentionally triggered or pushed:

  • Press the button once you’ve located it. If nothing occurs the first time you touch it, try pressing it a couple of times more.
  • The next AC troubleshoot stage is to shut off the circuit breaker that’s causing the problem if it doesn’t work.

Troubleshooting With A Circuit Breaker

If your house has lately been damaged by a hurricane or power loss, the following AC debugging step becomes even more important to avoid untimely air conditioning replacement in Cumming, GA:

  • Ensure your air conditioner is still plugged into a power socket for the following step.
  • Then search for the circuit breaker that controls the power outlet to which your air conditioner is attached. You should examine whether the case is an electric spike from a thunderstorm that might have caused a circuit breaker to blow.
  • The circuit breaker box is usually found in the garage or basement; however, this varies per home. Usually, the circuit for your air conditioner will be labeled with an HVAC symbol to make it easy to locate.
  • Turn off the breaker if it was on. Switch it back on after about 10 minutes of being in this condition.
  • When that doesn’t help, try turning it off and leaving it off for half an hour.
  • Afterward, switch it back on and see if anything has changed.

If that AC troubleshooting procedure still doesn’t work, it’s time to call for AC service in Cumming. With the advice of an expert, you will understand what issue the air conditioner might be facing.

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