Tips To Prepare Your AC For Summer

There’s nothing more terrible than getting an air unit breakdown right in the middle of the peak season when you need it the most. Like every electrical appliance, your AC unit needs regular maintenance and care. Immediate Services Air Conditioning and Heating can sort it out for you, whether a split system or a ducted one.

The five tips to prepare your air conditioning unit for summer are:

  1. Clean The Air Filter

    Cleaning and replacing the air filter in 2-3 months is a must to keep your air conditioner running efficiently. A clogged filter will add up as an extra burden on your cooling unit, making it work harder than it usually does.

    It leads to increased utility bills and a shortened lifespan for your air conditioner. A cleaning filter improves indoor quality by killing germs, bacteria, and other microbes. Our expert HVAC personnel recommend changing the air filter once every two months.











  2. Change The Mode and Temperature

    You could change your air conditioner to cooking mode before summer arrives, but it won’t cost you extra bucks to double-check.

    For the temperature setting for summer, it is suggested to keep it in the range of 23°C to 25°C. Several factors might affect you: the number of people in your home, the amount of direct sunlight, and your general health condition are all things to consider.

    You can experiment with different air conditioner temperature settings to determine what suits you the best. You can always contact us for your HVAC needs. Call us for an air conditioning tune-up in Cumming.










  3. Check Water Leaks

    Water leakage is a usual and most common type of breakdown. During the humid months of the year, spaces around air conditioner vents cause condensation and frustrating water stains. When using an air conditioner, ensure the windows and doors are correctly shut and set the thermostat temperature such as the recommended 24°C. Cleaning the filters could aid in proper roof ventilation.

    If leaking persists, you can call our HVAC technician to assess the cause and recommend how to repair it.









  4. Insulate Your Home

    Another must-do is insulating your home. Proper insulation helps to keep your home at a regulated temperature, meaning cooler in summer and warmer in winter. It’s an investment for the long term that will surely yield you higher returns.

    Roofing insulation, double glazed windows, and thick curtains are ways you can seal and improve insulation. Make sure you leave no place where from the air can escape or enter. Familiar places are roofs, windows, and doors.








  5. Schedule an HVAC service

    There are many ways you can always prepare yourself for summer, and scheduling a good HVAC service is worth it.

    Typically, one annual tune-up is recommended, just before the summer, when spring sets in. But if your air conditioning unit keeps on breaking down frequently, you might require regular service or a replacement. A service will inspect your cooling unit thoroughly, clean or replace the filter, coil assessment, monitor gas levels, check airflow, and ensure optimal heating and cooling functions.

    Immediate Services is a leading HVAC Contractor in Dawsonville, GA. We value our customers and ensure to provide exceptional quality service. If you are looking for an AC contractor in Cumming, your search ends here. Call us at (678) 525-8897.











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