This is How Much Ductwork Cleaning Can Cost You

Cleaning ducts is a vital maintenance task. The purpose is to check their condition to avoid foul odors and allergies due to the concentration of agents such as pollen, bacteria growth, and deterioration of the system.

The price for the air duct cleaning in Cumming, GA can range from $ 240-$484. But some variables can influence the final budget for cleaning air ducts, such as the type of system, accessibility, or dimensions.

Different methods of cleaning ductwork

The cleaning method applied in the maintenance of the duct system can affect the price of the service. The various cleaning methods used are:

  • Pressurized Air: This type of cleaning is carried out by dragging the dirt to the end of the duct. To do this, a hose is introduced that injects air under pressure to a head and, subsequently, the particulate matter is sucked in using a vacuum cleaner.
  • Brushing and Compressed Air: This work is done with special non-metallic tools to avoid damage to the ventilation ducts. In principle, brushing can be done by a robot, in which case the price is usually higher. It can also be done using a wire rope.
  • Contact Suction: It is done by sucking directly with a unique vacuum cleaner. This is the most straightforward and most affordable system for cleaning vents.

Advantages of cleaning ductwork

Some of the advantages of cleaning ducts and ensuring good maintenance are:

  • Reduced energy, maintenance, and repair costs.
  • More control over the level of microbiology, fungi, and toxic gases.
  • Elimination of stale air and unpleasant odor problems.

Prices according to the size of the home

  • For a 1,000+ square feet home: The minimum price for cleaning ducts is $200.
  • For a 3,500+ square feet home: The minimum price for cleaning an air duct with mold remediation service is $700.

Air duct cleaning price per vent

Generally, homeowners pay $30 to $40 per vent (up to 20 vents) for cleaning the duct, and after that, $20 to $25 is added for every extra vent cleaning. For example, if one has 12 vents, then the cost for cleaning the air duct can cost from $360 to $480.

You should also consider that if you have more air ducts than the average, then the cost for the cleaning of air ducts may hike up.

Moreover, bigger size homes will have more fabulous ductwork, and thus this will account for an increase in the cost of cleaning. The vents present in homes are well connected to the Primary HVAC system through the network of ducts that have to be cleaned separately. However, you can contact an AC Contractor in Cumming.

If proper cleaning of ductwork is not done in time, it can even lead to serious health issues and can cost you more money than expected. Therefore, we at Immediate Services Air Conditioning and Heating promise the best Air Duct Cleaning in Cumming and surrounding areas. Also, our team of experienced and professional technician offer 24*7 services for related issues of AC, heating, and indoor air quality.

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