Is Your Heat Pump Not Working Properly? Try These Three Quick Fixes

An extremely cold winter calls for an effective working heat pump. However, it is essential to tune up the heat pump before using it. If you notice that your heat pump is not working, you can try some methods below before calling a professional.

Three Quick Fixes to Restart your Heat Pump

1. Restart your Heat Pump

The first step is checking if your heat pump is connected to a power supply or not. Check the wiring and the switchboard to ensure the fuse is intact and the circuit breaker isn’t tripped. If you notice one of the circuit breakers is tripped, turn it off and then on again to reset it. If it trips again, there might be a fault in your electrical system or the main power source.

If you hear a faint clicking sound from your heat pump while it is turned on, the problem lies in the starter capacitor not signaling the motors to turn on. The reversing valve might also be a problem if the heat pump works fine in cool mode and not for hot air. In these cases, calling a technician is the only solution. 

2. Clean the Outdoor Unit and Air Filters

The compressor unit might have a problem, so turn off the power first. Start by cleaning all the dirt, debris, and dust from the outdoor unit, indoor unit, and the vents of your heat pump. Check if anything is stuck in the fan blades of the compressor and blocking it. You can also use a vacuum pump to collect the dust and rinse the unit with water.

If you have screen mesh covering the ducts, and it is loaded with debris blocking the airflow, remove it, clean it, and put it back. However, if the compressor line is covered with ice, you should call for professional help. Many problems also arise from blocked air filters, which hinder air circulation and deteriorate indoor air quality. So, clean the filters regularly and replace them every three months.

These are simple yet effective solutions for your heat pump to restore its working efficiency. Turn on your system to check if the cleaning worked and if you still experience an issue, call our trusted technician for heat pump repair in Cumming

3. Reset the Thermostat Settings

Start your inspection by checking if the thermostat is on. If the settings are correct, the problem might be a miscalibration on the temperature part or any electrical wiring issue. These cases need professional assistance. Try resetting the thermostat, remove the batteries and replace them with new ones.

The problem might lie in the improper fan settings if cool air blows out. Ensure the fan is set to auto and not on, or your blower motor will run continuously. Set your thermostat a few degrees higher, and then check the vents for warm air. Also, for short cycling, you should call a technician for help. 

To Summarize

If you’re having trouble with your heating, contact Immediate Services for Heat Pump Service in Cumming. Our technicians will perform a complete inspection of your heat pump and make reliable repairs for your comfort.

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