Is It Worth It To Get A High Efficiency Furnace?

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What Is Furnace Efficiency (AFUE)?

The effectiveness of a furnace can be determined through its Annual Energy Utilization Efficiency (AFUE) rating. The greater the AFUE rating, the more effective the furnace is. A furnace with an AFUE score of 95% will use much less energy to warm your home than a furnace with an AFUE of 80% rating. The furnace’s efficiency installed more than 20 years ago was barely 60%, resulting in 40% energy waste. The Department of Energy has increased the minimum AFUE rating to 80% due to advancements in furnace technology over time. This implies that a new furnace will operate up to 20% more efficiently in your home than an older furnace.

The Benefits Of A High-Efficiency Furnace

  • Better Efficiency: The main benefit of a high-efficiency furnace installation in Cumming is its effectiveness. In all other respects, a 95% furnace will work more effectively than an 80% furnace.

    Compared to the conventional units, 15% more heat generated during combustion is utilized to heat the house. Higher efficiency in furnaces will result in affordable energy bills and less impact on the environmental footprint.

  • Sealed Combustion: High-efficiency furnaces employ a sealed combustion architecture that is ideal for those types of places if your furnace is located inside a sealed attic or crawlspace. It uses the air around it for combustion.

  • High-Efficiency Units Operate Differently: Through a special pipe, they bring combustion air from the outside. High-efficiency furnaces will function from a sealed attic or crawlspace as they work with sealed combustion.

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More Benefits Of Buying An Energy-Efficient Furnace

After you better understand how the efficiency of furnaces will pay for itself in the long term and provide you with more peace of mind, let’s consider additional factors that can help determine that the high-efficiency furnace is worth the investment.

  • Tax credits: Purchasing the most efficient furnace will provide tax credits.

  • The gas prices: Natural gas costs are currently reasonably average or even a little low in the last 30 years. If the prices of natural gas increase over the furnace’s life, the savings will be much more significant.

  • Cleaner air: Your home produces less greenhouse gas emissions if your furnace is energy-efficient. Everyone, including future generations, gains from cleaner air.

  • The Best Part: Your furnace’s efficiency will increase if you replace it. There are undoubtedly efficiency benefits unless a single-stage 80% furnace is replaced with a similar device. If you’re used to a typical 80% furnace, even switching to a two-stage machine is a big difference!

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