How To Use The Reset Button on My Goodman Furnace?

To ensure safe operation, Goodman residential furnaces have various controls. Let’s find out a little about its reset button.

Where Is The Reset Button?

The circuit breaker is easy to locate. To access the blower wheel and motor, lift the blower compartment lid. On the side of the blower motor, look for a red/yellow button. If you find the reset button has popped out, press it.

What Is The Position of My Furnace Motor Reset Button?

  • At the circuit breaker, turn off the furnace’s power. The circuit breaker is labeled clearly.
  • To access the blower wheel and motor, lift the blower compartment lid.
  • On the side of the blower motor, look for a little red or yellow button.
  • If the reset button appears, hold it down.

What Is The Location of The Reset Button on a Carrier Furnace?

Press and release the raised red button in the center of the flame roll-out switch to reset the furnace. Before examining the furnace’s internal components or asking for furnace maintenance in Cumming, you can push the reset button up to three times; each reset should take 30 minutes.

What Is The Procedure For Manually Resetting a Furnace?

Follow these easy steps to get started:

  • First, cut off the furnace’s power source by turning off the circuit breaker in the circuit box.
  • To reset the furnace, look for the reset button on the furnace and press it.
  • Press the button if it has popped up.
  • Turn the power on and replace the cover on the blower compartment.

How Should I Hit The Reset Button on My Furnace?

Don’t press the “reset” button more than twice. If there is no ignition, the process pours oil into the burner chamber, where it might accumulate. The furnace can then start explosively when it eventually does. So, if the button won’t reset or keeps popping up, it’s time to get in touch with a professional repair provider.

How To Reset a Goodman Furnace’s Limit Switch?

  • To interrupt the electrical supply to the Goodman furnace, turn the circuit breaker switch to the “OFF” position.
  • To get access to the internal components of the furnace, remove the access panel. To clear the holding tabs on the bottom of the furnace cabinet, grab the sides of the panel and raise them straight up. To liberate the panel on some Goodman furnace types, you’ll need to remove screws along the panel’s side. Remove the access panel and place it to the side.
  • On the burner assembly, look for the rollout limit switch. A rounded component with a raised red button in the center is what you’re looking for.
  • In the center of the rollout limit switch component, press and hold the red “Reset” button. Before releasing the button, hold it for one to two seconds.

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