How To Clean An Outside Air Conditioner Unit—Without Paying A Pro

Dirty Outdoor Coils are a Source of Contention

The condenser coil is linked to a refrigerant line set, the copper tubing that connects your AC’s indoor and outdoor components. When you turn on your air unit, it transfers heat from your home to the refrigerant inside the evaporator coil.

The hotter refrigerant circulates through the line connected to the condenser coil (outside), where it is deposited in the surrounding air. As a result, the house is relaxed and comfortable. Please contact us to know more about air conditioning installation in Cumming, GA.

Dirt, pollen, and other outdoor grime accumulate on the condenser coil over time. If you don’t clean that stuff off, the system won’t be able to effectively remove heat from your home, which will result in:

  • Discomfort:

Your air conditioner may not effectively cool your home, leaving you uncomfortable during the year’s hottest months.

  • Expense:

Because your air conditioner has to work harder to meet your thermostat setting, it will run more frequently and consume more energy.

  • Breakdowns:

Overworked air conditioners are prone to equipment failure. When an air conditioner works harder than designed to work, parts fail more frequently.

Here’s How To Clean An Outdoor Coil Properly

Our technicians take the following steps to keep your AC’s outdoor coil clean and sparkling:

  1. Turn off the unit’s power. We frequently have to move or remove components to provide a thorough cleaning temporarily, so turning off the force is critical.

  2. Examine the refrigerant pressure. The pressure will often be higher than it should be for a given size and type of air conditioner. Before cleaning the coil, we always take a pressure reading.

  3. Take off the outer casing. You can’t simply spray the outside of an outdoor unit and call it good. To access the coil, you must first remove the container.

  4. Rinse the coil thoroughly with water. Self-explanatory. We grab a hose and squirt water directly onto the loop.

  5. Cleaning chemicals should be sprayed on the coil. There are cleaning chemicals designed specifically for air conditioner coils that the manufacturer has approved. We spread the wave with the appropriate cleaning solution after rinsing it. If you have an aluminum Spine FinTM coil, a cleaning chemical is explicitly designed for that type of AC. Rinse the coil with water once more. The cleaning solution is removed in this final rinse, resulting in a clean-looking outdoor spiral.

  6. Clear out all debris from the outdoor unit. Sticks, leaves, and straw frequently build up within your outdoor team. Removing them can help improve AC efficiency and keep the coil from becoming dirty again.

  7. Check the refrigerant pressure once more. Most of the time, a high-pressure coil will now have lower stress following factory specifications.

That’s all! It’s a simple process that any HVAC company should be able to master. The resulting gains in comfort and efficiency are often dramatic, so don’t let your coil go a whole season without cleaning. We also offer AC Service in Cumming. Please contact us to book your appointment.

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