How Often Should You Change Heat Pump Filters?

If you own a home heat pump appliance, you may think, what should be the ideal frequency to change its air filters? Air filters are one of the important parts of a heat pump appliance that remain accountable for keeping the air clean. If you require professional assistance, get in touch with Immediate Services, who provides heat pump services in Cumming, and the surrounding areas.

Below is more information about heat pump air filters, continue reading for more insight on the topic. 

1. Heat Pump Air Filters: An Overview

An air filter is essential to a heat pump system at home because it impacts indoor air quality and the machine’s performance. Furthermore, if you’ve consulted with professional HVAC experts, you will find that every experienced professional has put emphasis on the importance of changing air filters. The primary function of an air filter comprises cleaning the air in your heat pump unit. The air filter restricts many components like:

  • Animal fur and hair
  • Pollen
  • Dust
  • Wood and metal particles
  • Delicate floating materials
  • Various molds

2. How Often Should you Change your Heat Pump Air Filter?

While many professional technicians advise changing the heat pump air filter every three to four months, it usually depends on different factors such as:

  • Type of Air Filter

If you have a fiberglass air filter in your heat pump, you must clean or replace it every 30 to 60 days. On the other hand, if it is the pleated material-based filter, replace the machine after six months at least. However, any professional HVAC company will advise you to change the air filter every 90 to 120 days, no matter what air filter type you have.

  • Indoor Air Quality

The indoor air quality also affects your heat pump’s air filters. If you don’t know how to determine the indoor air quality at your place, you can always contact a professional HVAC contractor who can help you assess the indoor air quality.

Also, inspect if you are getting any strange smells from your machine. If these problems continue, do not forget to call a professional expert because the heat pump may require an emergency tune-up.

  • Pets in Home

If you own pets in your home, remember to replace your heat pump air filter every two months, as pets shed fur that make the filters excessively dirty. Also, having multiple pets at home means you need to change the air filters more frequently.

  • The Climatic Conditions

If you live in a location with high humidity, the air filters in your heat pump machine will have to work harder to function efficiently. Therefore, you should look for professional HVAC contractors and call them timely for filter replacement.

Regardless of the heat pump model you own, each device should have high-quality air filters that fit appropriately to keep the space’s air quality at an optimum level. Immediate Services is a leading HVAC company, and our experts strive to deliver the best and most efficient heat pump filter available. For more details, call us at (678) 525-8897 or send your queries via email. 

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