How Do You Stop Your AC from Tripping The Breaker?

The circuit breaker present in a switch is, essentially, a safety switch. It functions to protect one’s equipment from an unexpected overload of power. The reason it can protect a unit from an overload is that it instantly switches off the system. This problem is not only restricted in Cumming, GA but also found in other places. In most cases, if this takes place, it will require a homeowner to obtain AC repair in Cumming, GA.

Reasons That Cause The Circuit Breaker To Trip

There are several reasons why the breaker would trip, ranging from minor repairs to unavoidable instances like lightning striking. However, in the following cases, one would have to consider hiring AC service in Cumming, GA:

  • Malfunctioning Motor Fan: The motor fan is susceptible to accumulating dust on the service blades. This can reduce the efficiency of the system since the dirt weighs down on the fan. This extra weight, though small, puts great strain on the motor causing it to malfunction. This will also require the services of a technician to remove the motor entirely.
  • Failing Compressor: The electrical windings present inside the compressor may hit the side of the compressor while the system is functioning. This will cause a direct short to ground in the compressor. That is, it will ignite the oil present in the circuit and will later trip the breaker. In this case, one will require AC service in Cumming, GA, to replace the entire compressor.
  • Dirt On Condenser Coil: These condenser coils are present on the outside unit of the AC. The heat coming in from the inside unit will flow to the outside portion of the unit. This air which may contain dirt will stick to the condenser coil. Thus, the AC will not release warm air more efficiently than before and may also overheat in the process. This increase in the temperature will lead to problems in the circuitry.
  • Leaking Refrigerant: The refrigerant is present in certain compartments known as coils. These coils without maintenance are susceptible to cracks and holes. When this takes place, the level of coolant decreases, and therefore, there is a decrease in the ability of the unit to cool air. That is, a homeowner will have to make the system run longer to cool the same space.

However, in addition to these possibilities, an unexpected power surge can affect aged components resulting in circuit breaker tripping and requiring technicians to offer air conditioning repair in Cumming, GA. This is because the power surge, in this case, will result in many smaller but essential components failing. Other problems include a frozen vaporizer coil or a clogged air filter.

Thus, AC repair in Cumming, GA, will help a homeowner determine what is causing the strain on the circuit breaker. To ensure that the unit does not hit a bump, the capable employees at Immediate Services Air Conditioning and Heating provide air conditioning repair in Cumming, GA, and other regions as well. To book an appointment, call (678) 525-8897.

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