How Do You Know If Your HVAC System Needs To Be Replaced?

HVAC systems work in all seasons, providing comfort from harsh summers and cold winters. It helps you maintain a comfortable temperature at home. It also circulates healthier air that prevents respiratory disorders and allergy remittance.

Like other appliances, they also require care and professional maintenance to avoid any major breakdowns in the middle of the night. However, getting AC repair in Cumming, GA, may not always be sufficient, and replacing the system is much more economical than repairing it.

Common Signs That Reflect That Your HVAC System Needs Replacement

Older Air Conditioner Unit Over 15 Years

Modern HVAC systems have a lifespan of 10-15 years before it demonstrates excessive wear and tears signs and compressor breakdown. Suppose you have an older unit, and the state of your air conditioner keeps on deteriorating and requires frequent repairs. In that case, you should consider replacing it over spending hundreds of dollars repairing old and faulty parts.

Decreased Efficiency Of Your Air Conditioner

Always check the EER (energy efficiency ratio) and SEER (seasonal energy efficiency rating) before investing in an HVAC system. A higher energy efficient ratio (EER) means that your device is more energy efficient. Most modern HVAC systems have an EER of more than 85 %. A good EER system will help you save hundreds of dollars on utility bills and repairs.

Your HVAC System Requires Frequent Repairs And Professional Assistance

You should immediately contact professional assistance at the first sign of trouble. But what if your air conditioner repeatedly breaks down even after frequent repairs? Experts suggest replacing the complete system rather than repairing old and weary parts, which can further affect other parts of the system.

The Air Conditioner Is Not Turning On Or Has Stopped Working

Always switch OFF the main power supply before inspecting your HVAC system. Call for professional assistance for AC services in Cumming, GA, at any sign of trouble. Experts will guide you in choosing between replacement and repair options after a complete system inspection.

Short Cycling

On average, the cooling cycle lasts about 15-20 minutes, 3-4 times per hour. It is considered short cycling when the cooling cycle becomes less, and your air conditioner turns on and off more frequently. Excessive starting and stopping put an overburden on the compressor, leading to a complete system breakdown. If your HVAC system is frequently short cycling and requires professional assistance, you should consider replacing it over repair.

Higher Utility And Maintenance Bills

Modern HVAC systems are designed to consume minimum energy and produce maximum efficiency. But what happens when your air conditioner generates higher utility bills and ineffective cooling cycles? If your usage is consistent and your bills are increasing, you should consider replacing your HVAC system.


If your repair bills are up to half the price of your air conditioner, you should consider replacing it. Regular maintenance will help you increase the longevity and efficiency of your system. We at Immediate Services provide you with our highly qualified professional service available 24 hours that will guide you and help you save hundreds of dollars on the repair and maintenance of your system.

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