How Do You Know If You Have Mold In Your AC Ducts?

Over time, simple HVAC systems have evolved to meet all the different needs of homes across the United States. A hot and humid environment consumes all our energy and prevents us from functioning properly. Thanks to the HVAC system, you can get the most out of this wonderful season and get started.

However, a hot and humid environment can impact the HVAC system causing the air ducts to become moldy. If you know that your duct is moldy, you can hire a technician air duct cleaner to inspect and clean it and perform AC Service in Cumming. It will remove any mold that may be present.

What Causes Mold In The Air Ducts?

Mold is more likely to form in ducts, especially in warm places with high water vapor content. Water vapor can form in the duct system as cold air flows through the duct system.

If there are high levels of water vapor in the outdoor environment, water droplets usually accumulate rather than evaporate. It forms the most encouraging environment for mold growth. In addition, leaks in the roof can cause the air conditioning ducts to get wet, leaving room for mold.

Signs of Mold in Air Ducts

Black Dust

Black dust around the vents indicates that the duct is moldy. This dust is very toxic and cannot be easily wiped off. It can also lead to the flow of mold spores with the regulated air in your room.

Musty Odor

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Allergy-Like Signs

People exposed to mold spores may have health problems. When the breathing air becomes infected with mold, it can cause headaches, a stuffy nose, itchy eyes, coughing, sneezing, and skin irritation.

If you face allergic-like symptoms when you turn on the air conditioner and the allergic-like symptoms disappear when you turn off the power, it is advisable to look inside the air duct.

Visible Mold

Frequent checks should be made around the air intake, ducts, and drip pans to provide an optimal environment for mold growth. In particular, fungi can be visible around air ducts and ventilation slots.

Mold Inside the Furnace or Air Conditioner

The same conditions that promote mold growth in ducts exist in furnaces and air conditioners. Mold in the duct can be due to mold growth on these devices that has spread throughout the ductwork when using HVAC.


Knowing the signs of mold growth in the air ducts can help you clean the ducts early before the mold spreads. If you need to clean the ducts, please contact a professional to enjoy the best possible air quality at home.

Immediate Services provides mold repair services to assist in properties that require mold removal assistance and air conditioning tune-up in Cumming. Regardless of the degree of mold growth, our specialists are ready to remove the fungus and heal the affected area.

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