How Can You Make Your Heating System More Efficient?

A furnace is an important appliance nowadays and a big investment too. As winter approaches, we suggest you follow the given tips and schedule a heating tune-up in Cumming for a cozy and warm winter.

Ways to Make the Heating System More Efficient

  • Install a Smart Thermostat

A smart thermostat can help you save more than $100 on energy bills. These devices connect to your smartphone, and you can adjust the temperature outside and on your way home. Some new models adjust the temperature based on the weather.

  • Seal the Ducts

Air ducts are vital for distributing warm air throughout your home. With proper circulation, your home will have no cold spots, and the atmosphere will stay warm and cozy. However, your system will have to work harder if the ducts are not sealed or have cracks and holes. As a result, your home will lose up to 30% of the heat generated by the heater due to leaky ducts.

  • Clean Air Filters

All HVAC systems rely on air filters to keep the dust and debris out of the system and provide clean air. On continuous operation, it is natural for the filters to get clogged and thus obstruct air circulation. As a result, your heater will have to work harder than usual, consume more energy, and suffer a reduction in indoor air quality.

For people with respiratory disorders and allergies, it is dangerous. Take your time cleaning the filters every month, and replace them after at least three months.

  • Use Other Heating Sources

Try giving your furnace some rest and use other sources of heat. For instance, use sunlight during the daytime to get natural heat by opening the curtains and shutting them at night. To keep your floor warm, use rugs and carpets, and dress up in layers to keep your body heat from radiating. You can also try baking at home and stay in the kitchen for hot air.

  • Improve the Insulation

All homeowners should know that insulation is essential to prevent hot air from escaping. Your attic, basement, and other crawl spaces with air leaks are major reasons for your furnace overworking. Seal all the leaks with caulk and shut windows and doors properly to keep the heat inside.

  • Schedule Preventive Upkeep

Over time, issues like dirty air filters, leaky ducts, and blocked vents lower the system’s efficiency. Therefore, scheduling a professional inspection and tune-up becomes necessary to keep the system in check. An experienced technician will clean the internal parts, calibrate the system, and perform necessary repairs, to reset your system as a new one.

  • Keep the Vents and Registers Open

For all the furnaces to run efficiently, proper ventilation is essential. If the vents are covered with furniture, paint, or blinds, there is a high chance of your heater malfunctioning.

To Wrap Up

Contact Immediate Services at (678) 525-8897 for furnace maintenance in Cumming and stay stress-free. Our expert team will handle any heating problem, provide effective solutions and make your system as energy-efficient as possible.

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