Different Types Of Air Conditioners: Choosing The Best AC For Your Home

Living without an AC in Georgia is unthinkable. Therefore, you should choose the right AC suited to your space and maintain it for a longer run with regular checkups from AC Repair Dawsonville, GA.

Types of Air Conditioners to Choose From

When buying and AC, pick one for your home, and compare the specifications to find the best option suited to your needs. The list below shows some of the most common AC types available in the market.

Central Air Conditioner

It is a ducted system that works for larger spaces. It is the best option if you want to cool down multiple rooms in your home quickly at the same time. It will decrease the overall humidity and heat inside your home and replace it with cool air in no time.

Window Air Conditioner

As the name says, these ACs are installed on a window; from there, the hot air is removed, and cool air is filled inside your room. These are the most affordable, easy to install, compact, and have fewer maintenance devices suited for all smaller spaces.

Portable Air Conditioner

It is a free-standing compact AC unit that can be moved wherever needed as per your convenience. Only a power source and ventilation are needed for it to work seamlessly. It can be kept aside when not needed or moved around for on-the-spot cooling effortlessly.

Ductless Mini Air Conditioner

These are the most common indoor AC units mounted on the wall in almost all contemporary homes. These are highly energy-efficient units that work in all settings without ducts. With compact size and quick cooling, heating options are also available.

Inverter Air Conditioner

Inverter ACs are an advantage over the traditional ones because of their dynamic switching frequency. These are available in various tonnages and efficiently control the temperature using less electricity. These are a bit more expensive than other non-inverter ACs but reliable in the long run.

Tips For Choosing The Right AC For Your Home

AC is a necessity these days. The cooling and comfort at your home depend on the efficiency of your AC. Therefore, you should follow the given points and choose the right one for your home.

Cooling Capacity

When choosing an AC for your home, first, you should know the size of your space, the rise in temperature in the area, and the availability of sunlight entering from outside. Therefore, after considering all the valid points, you could find the best-suited tonnage for your home and proceed to buy it.

Energy Efficiency Rating

AC is a heavy appliance, so you should be aware of the energy it will consume daily. These days, ACs have an energy efficiency rating that indicates more stars, the less energy expenditure will occur. However, these high-star-rated ACs are more expensive as they can save up to 35% more energy than regular ones. So, make your choice considerably.

Number of Air Filters

Filters are necessary to manage the airflow inside your home and thus maintain the cooling. Therefore, the choice of AC for your home should have antibacterial and advanced air filters to trap the dust and other allergens, creating a healthy environment in your home.


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