Detecting A Vacuum Leak In Air Conditioners

When your air conditioner breaks down, it serves as a stark reminder of how much you adore it. Perhaps your home is taking a while to cool, or maybe there is no cold air going through the registers at all. Whatever the case may be, your air conditioner is malfunctioning and needs AC repair in Cumming, GA.

Troubled Leaks

It is pretty controllable when a refrigerant leak occurs in the evaporator coil while still under warranty. It would be best to change the loop, but you will receive a new one free of charge.

In the event of a leak, it’s nearly always more cost-effective to replace the entire system if you have an air conditioner that uses the now-discontinued R-22 refrigerant.

Identifying a Leak With Vacuum Pressurization

Electronic leak detectors are valuable instruments, but they sometimes fail to identify minor breaches or spills in difficult-to-reach regions. When electronic lead detectors fail, the Level 2 approach will always uncover a leak!

The Level 2 leak search takes place via pressurization. The leak detector may not show us anything, but we know there’s a leak someplace because of how the air conditioner is acting. When this occurs, we do the following actions:

  • Connect the line set to both units and disconnect it. It entails draining the refrigerant system and separating the tube set from the outdoor (condenser coil) and an indoor unit (evaporator coil).
  • Both ends of the line should be brazed shut. With a torch and solder, we’re essentially welding the pipe shut.
  • Carry out a pressure check. Installing taps on each end of the line set, pumping nitrogen into the line set, and pressurizing it to the manufacturer-specified PSI are the steps we take to accomplish this. The line set then gets sprayed with a soap-like substance. We search for bubbles, which disclose the location of the leaks.
  • Carry out the same procedure for both coils. We put taps on both the exterior and interior parts to see if the leak is in one coil.
  • Make sure the pressure is correct. We can determine that the pressure inside the line set or coils has fallen after 24 or 48 hours (if we see bubbles, it will drop).

You can make an educated choice on how to cope with a refrigerant leak once you know where it is. As previously said, some leaks are simple to repair or occur in parts that are still under warranty. It’s still inconvenient that your air conditioner stopped working, and you’ll have to pay for an air conditioning repair in Cumming, but you won’t have to buy any new parts.

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