Can You Put The Central Air Conditioner In A House With No Ductwork?

Most older homes are not designed in a way to install ductwork. Ductwork is about 6 to 12 inches wide, which means tearing apart the interior of your house to fix the ductwork. This becomes harder when the house is small. Ductwork occupies a decent amount of space, and many people don’t like the look of ducts in their house interior.

You can put central air conditioning without ductwork, but AC types need ducts to circulate the air in each room through air registers. It is part of their mechanism. If you put a central air conditioning without ductwork, the air will over-pressurize and flow outside.

Thus, the air conditioner will cool the room and outdoors. However, with doing it this way, the AC will become inefficient soon.

Alternatives Of Ducted Air Conditioning

There are other options for air conditioning installation in Cumming, GA for those houses that want air conditioning without ductwork. . These options are:

Mini-Split Air Conditioning

Mini-split air conditioning systems generate cooling the same way as ducted air conditioning. Still, in this, separate indoor units are installed in each room that is connected with one outdoor unit. This way, it cools each room through a separate AC system instead of a duct.

This air conditioning system is highly energy-efficient and makes you eligible for an energy rebate. The mini-split installation can cost you about 3000$ on average, lasting for 10 to 30 years. However, most mini-split AC systems break down after 15 to 20 years, which requires air conditioning replacement in Cumming, GA.

A Heat Pump

The other option is a heat pump. A heat pump generally takes warm or cool air from the outside sources and pumps it inside. In a heat pump, you will find two types.

An air-source heat pump and a ground source heat pump. An air-source heat pump is less expensive than a ground source heat pump. It can cost you around $4000 on average for installation. The ground source heat pump can cost you up to $20,000.

Window Air Conditioning System

Window AC is an affordable choice for air conditioning. It provides cooling to a single space in the room. It is not as efficient as the other two mentioned AC systems. You will need a window AC separately for each room for efficient cooling.

The High-Velocity System, Instead Of Traditional Ductwork

In a high-velocity system, the size of ductwork is about 2 inches. The ducts are small and can be easily fixed within the walls of your home. You can opt for a high-velocity system if you need central air conditioning but no space-occupying ductwork.


These are some alternatives for ducted air conditioning installation in Cumming, GA.

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