7 Reasons Your AC Unit Isn’t Working

If your air conditioning unit suddenly malfunctions or won’t turn on, there can be many possible reasons that can explain why. It could be your thermostat, a dirty air filter, an issue with the condenser or compressor, or it could be due to the age of the unit, especially if it’s over 10 years old.

Seven Potential Causes for Your Air Conditioner's Failure

Circuit Breaker Tripped or Blown Fuse

Your air conditioner must be powered by electricity for it to function. Therefore, if the air conditioner’s circuit breaker trips or the fuse is blown, the air conditioner will not turn on. You must either replace the fuse or reset the breaker at the electrical panel with the help of AC service in Cumming.

Clogged Air Filter

Maintaining clean air filters requires sufficient airflow. When they become caked with dirt and debris, it impedes the airflow through them. Under usual conditions, an air conditioner will dehumidify the indoor air. The water droplets would then fall into a condensation tray and exit the building via drain lines.

Reduced Refrigerant Levels

A refrigerant is a cooling fluid enclosed within an air conditioner’s coils. An air conditioner is responsible for providing the much-desired cool air; when you have a heat pump, it is responsible for delivering the much-desired warm air. Leakage is the most likely cause of the problem in this circumstance. The AC coil could potentially develop flaws that lead to leaking over time.

Problems with the Motor

Your air conditioner’s motor functions as its core because it is essential for maintaining the system’s optimal operation. If the motor is worn out, the air conditioner will not turn on. Request a professional AC service in Cumming to determine whether or not you can fix the air conditioner.

Evaporator Coil Contamination

As a result of the usual debris that we produce in our daily lives, the evaporator coils, condenser, and filter of your air conditioner may become clogged with dander, grime, dust, and other undesirable particles. Debris that collects on various parts of your air conditioning system not only reduce the system’s efficiency but also has the potential to cause total failure.

Issues with the Transformer

Your air conditioner will not operate until you replace the defective transformer. You might need to replace the wire that links the transformer. This problem can also be caused by wiring issues, such as a short circuit in the wire.

Fan Problem

Check the fan if you cannot determine why your air conditioner is not functioning correctly. It may be a serious problem if the air conditioner’s fan does not start. If your cooling system was switched off during the winter months and then restarted after some time, the accumulated dirt could make it difficult for the fans to begin rotating again.


We recommend that you contact Immediate Services for a thorough checkup for air conditioning repair in Cumming to avoid future issues.

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