7 Hidden Signs You Need AC Repair

It can be quite difficult to manage a poorly working AC during these hot summer days. Therefore, regular air conditioner services are required to maintain efficiency. At Immediate Services Air Conditioning & Heating, we provide you with reliable AC repair services in Cumming, GA.

Usually, the AC unit shows signs of malfunction and damage by generating less cool air. What if the AC doesn’t show any signs? Hence here are some hidden signs that your AC needs repairing:

  1. Frequent Repair Work

    If the AC unit at your home demands frequent repairs, it is a sign that your AC is declining in performance. Usually, you need to repair your AC more than five times, so you should have it thoroughly inspected if you have done this more than five times.

    If your AC has completed the warranty period, you should probably get an AC replacement. It is because frequent repairs can cost a fortune.









  2. Water Leakage

    Water leakages are a common problem with an old AC unit. However, it is ignored quite often. When an AC sheds water from the blower, the AC condenser is broken or loose.

    The water which leaks through the vents can travel to the electric box of the AC and can pose a risk of short circuits. Leakages often ruin the internal parts of the AC. Hence, this problem needs to be solved.








  3. Sounds From the Unit

    If your AC is making unusual noises, your AC needs repairing. When you turn on your AC, it usually makes noise. Nevertheless, these noises are normal as it indicates the proper functioning of the motor. Nevertheless, do not ignore if the air conditioner has random, unusual sounds.

  4. Increased Humidity

    You must have noticed that the AC sometimes does not change the temperature even after changing it on the thermostat. The room becomes warm and humid. It happens because the AC condenser and evaporator malfunctions.

    If any of these two parts are damaged, the AC becomes unable to control the humidity levels.






  5. Odd Smell

    An AC is responsible for clearing polluted air and generating fresh air. However, if you smell some nasty odors, it is a sign for you to repair the AC.

    Musty odors can result from clogged filters layered with dust and toxins. It is advisable to clean the filters frequently or call a professional technician to get them clean. Increased humidity levels can also create musty odors in the room.





  6. Uneven Cooling

    If your AC suddenly cools the entire room in a few minutes and warms it up again, call an AC technician to repair the AC.

    Uneven room temperatures are due to the poor functioning of the AC. If you want to get your AC repaired, get in touch with us for air conditioning services at Cumming.





  7. Ice from the Vents

    Although not hidden, it is repeatedly ignored despite being an obvious sign. The misconception about AC working on water has made its way to many people. Regardless, this is not true. If you notice your AC throwing out ice from the vents, you must change the filters.

    Getting an AC technician to check for deeper issues is recommended if the problem persists. Above are some hidden signs to look for to repair your AC unit. Do not hesitate before calling us for AC services.



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