5 Simple Yet Effective Ways to Maintain Your AC Unit

Maintenance is mandatory for every device or system, to elongate its life span and avoid inconveniences. One such device which requires maintenance is our air conditioners. Air conditioners are not inexpensive systems that can be purchased frequently. Regular maintenance is essential to safeguard the functioning of your unit.

Also, air conditioners are significant during summers, to enable a pleasant atmosphere at your house and save you from the dreadful heat. However, if your air conditioner stops working, it would be highly inconvenient with the sun over your head. Thus, maintenance of your air conditioner is the key to comfort and convenience.

For effective and professional maintenance of your system, you can call for an AC service in Cumming, GA. If you want to ensure that your system is in good shape with the following simple checks, here are 5 ways using which you can maintain your AC unit:

  • Clean Coils: The coils in your air conditioning unit enable the refrigerant to absorb heat and cool the room. However, if dust is accumulated on the coils, the coils get insulated and are unable to absorb the heat in your room. Cleaning your AC coils helps in better cooling your room and functioning your unit. As coils are sharp, it is better to call for a professional.
  • Clean Air Filters: Air filters accumulate heavy dust and dirt, as it filters the incoming and outgoing air. Cleaning the filters ensures unrestricted and clean airflow. You can ask a professional for an air conditioning tune-up in Cumming, GA and they will perfectly clean your filters.
  • Condensate Drain Inspection: If you notice that the water is not being drained out of the unit, you will need to call for an AC service in Cumming, GA and ask them to inspect the condensate drain as it may be clogged. The condensate drain is responsible for the condensation in the system and its proper functioning is essential.
  • Condenser Unit Fan Should Be in a Good Shape: The condenser unit fan performs the task of cooling the refrigerant gas. If the fan does not work correctly, the air conditioner will not cool your room. An indicator of faulty unit fans is weird noises coming out of the system. In such a condition, you should get a technician to inspect any heaviness in the motor or cracks in the blade.
  • Regular Maintenance: Lastly, scheduled maintenance appointments should be made, to keep your air conditioner in perfect condition and avoid major damages to the system. Professionals know their way around the system and they resolve the issue for the long term.

Just like living, things require regular check-ups, mechanical devices do too. Professional maintenance or AC service in Cumming, GA is like a doctor’s appointment for your air conditioner. Immediate Services is one of the most reliable HVAC company, that you can call to inspect your AC. With the experience of over 40 years and a team of excellent technicians, we are a perfect choice. Schedule a service today!

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