5 Common Split System Air Conditioning Problems And Their Solutions

If you have recently switched to a ductless mini-split AC from a ducted air conditioning system, you have taken a good step toward the environment and your pocket. A ductless mini-split is energy efficient and a versatile cooling and heating system.

Though a ductless system has many benefits, that doesn’t mean it will never malfunction. Like any other appliance, a mini-split air conditioning system can also malfunction and sometimes requires sudden air conditioning repair in Cumming.

Common mini-split AC problems have easy solutions. Let’s have a look at these common mini-split AC problems.

The Split System Is Not Turning On

Sometimes, the split air conditioning system turns off automatically and does not blow air after turning it on. This happens when there is some problem with the thermostat or circuit breaker.

Solution: Check the circuit breaker. Make sure its wiring is not broken or damaged. A rodent can cut the wiring of the circuit breaker. If it tripped, restart the circuit breaker, which may solve the problem.

Check the thermostat; if the temperature setting is inaccurate, try resetting it and setting the correct temperature.

Temperature Variations

Sometimes, you may feel uneven temperatures in your room or increased humidity. Sometimes AC blowing warm air is also a problem. This happens when the thermostat is faulty, or the temperature setting is incorrect.

Solutions: Ensure your thermostat temperature is 5 degrees less than the room temperature. Try lowering the temperature. If you can feel the change within 15 to 20 minutes, your thermostat is working right.

Reset it and set the required temperature. If you feel no change in the room temperature, your thermostat needs professional servicing. Contact AC repair company in Cumming, GA for this.

A Coolant Leak In The System

When we complain about no cooling from AC or AC not working, this happens mostly due to coolant leakage. When there is insufficient refrigerant, the AC fails to cool the room.

Solution: Inspect your air conditioning system carefully to find the leak and get the leak sealed. Contact the technician for refrigerant filling.

Mold Growth In Split AC

The mild or humid temperature in the split AC can lead to mold growth. Mold is a fungus that can damage the functioning of your air conditioning system.

Solution: You can inspect the outside unit of your air conditioning system to check if there is mold growth. Clean the AC system or contact the technician for a better cleaning service.

The Clogged Air Filter In Split AC

This usually happens due to clogged air filters when you see a build-up of ice in the evaporator coil or weak airflow from the air conditioning system. The air filter gets clogged when we don’t replace it regularly.


  • Change the air filter once every month or two months.
  • If it is clogged, replace it immediately.
  • Invest in durable and more efficient HEPA filters.


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